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Quality Assurance/Quality Control

NEB recognizes the need for quality and validity in its testing methodology. Standard operating procedures are used for the types of toxicity tests routinely performed at the laboratory and for the operation of the instrumentation/equipment used in the testing process.

All equipment is calibrated prior to use and is regularly serviced by trained professionals. All samples entering the laboratory are assigned unique NEB identification (ID) numbers that allow for the proper tracking of all toxicological and chemical data and statistical anlayses associated with each individual sample. All raw data generated in testing is reviewed for accuracy and completeness by trained personnel experienced in the testing methods and regulatory requirements.

Acute and chronic reference toxicant tests are routinely performed with in-house cultures and purchased organisms to verify the health of the organisms being used in toxicity testing. NEB maintains cumulative-summation control charts for each reference toxicant [copper (nitrate & sulfate), sodium dodecyl sulfate, potassium chloride, and sodium chloride] currently used.

NEB has been an active participant in all of the US EPA Laboratory Performance Evaluation Studies for Biomonitoring Laboratories conducted since 1991. New England Bioassay has been audited by the US EPA, state regulatory agencies and industrial client auditors.

Certifications & Appovals