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Specialty Testing Services


In addition to performing treatability studies, NEB also assesses the potential impact of new products/process lines on effluent toxicity by performing toxicological analyses on "simulated" effluent samples prepared in the laboratory; the "simulated" effluents are based on the expected use rate and current treatment by the facility.

These cooperative efforts allow for immediate effluent toxicological and chemical analyses and can be used during early engineering design and simulation phases. New England Bioassay also offers a wide range of specialized aquatic toxicological services to the petroleum, lubricant, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries for oils, lubricants, blends, dispersants, and other low solubility compounds.

Assessments performed by New England Bioassay include:

  • Biological assessments of new processes and products
  • Multiple test species (typically 5 to 10 species) acute and chronic toxicity assessments of pharmaceutical products/byproducts and process wastewaters
  • Water Accommodated Fraction Testing (WAF)
  • Oil Water Dispersion Testing (OWD)