As respected members of the lab testing community within our industry, the staff of NEB has a level of expertise, credibility, professionalism, and personal concern for environmental protection that enhances our reputation as a business and our enjoyment as a team.


New England Bioassay places significant importance on upholding our company’s core values of integrity, quality, accuracy, reliability, accountability and a customer-oriented approach. Simply put, we pride ourselves on the ethics of our staff, the integrity of our data, and our attention to customer service and appreciation. The quality and commitment of all NEB staff is crucial to the organization’s effectiveness.


NEB’s focus is always on ensuring the toxicity testing process is as hassle free as possible for our clients. The management team is accessible and readily available to discuss toxicity testing needs, concerns, and data interpretation. We can help you design a project to meet your specific needs or give you a tour of the lab if you want to learn more about the aquatic toxicity testing process. From scheduling and courier service to test design and report generation, NEB always has the customer in mind.


NEB’s 5,000 sq. ft laboratory contains full biological culturing facilities for fish and invertebrates. Our staff cultures and maintains healthy stocks of both freshwater and saltwater invertebrate and vertebrate organisms commonly used in a wide variety of toxicological investigations. The lab also features climate-controlled toxicity testing rooms, with the ability to adjust photoperiod and temperature in each room to meet the specific protocol needs of our clients.     


NEB recognizes that the quality, validity and reliability of our data is at the core of our business. Standard operating procedures are used for tests routinely performed at the laboratory and for the operation of the equipment used in the testing process. NEB’s QA/QC program, which includes staff training, participating in annual EPA DMRQA studies, internal and external audits, health & safety, and annual ethics courses, ensures that the toxicity tests for our clients will be performed with a high level of quality, credibility, and technical proficiency. For a list of the current certifications we maintain please visit our certification page.


From our humble beginnings in the basement of a consulting firm to our own 5,000 sq ft lab facility, NEB is always growing and improving. Expanding our client base into new geographical regions, gaining new certifications, developing new testing protocols, and taking advantage of new technology to improve data collection and efficiency are just some of the ways our lab has expanded and will continue to develop in the future.