Testing Services

New England Bioassay (NEB) offers a wide range of toxicological testing using freshwater, saltwater, sediment and soil organisms. You can read more about our specific toxicity testing services below, and on our frequently asked questions page.



Whole effluent toxicity (WET) testing in accordance with NPDES permits for municipal, industrial, utility and potable water plants. NEB offers a wide selection of freshwater and saltwater testing with NELAP accreditation.

Toxicity Identification & Reduction Evaluations


Toxicity Identification & Reduction Evaluations, a part of the NPDES wastewater program, can aid clients in pinpointing the source of consistent toxicity problems and permit limit failures.

Product Assessment Testing

Toxicity data for developing products or assessing toxic impacts of chemical additives at wastewater producing facilities. NEB offers many methods such as EPA 40 CFR Part 136, NCP Product Schedule, OCSPP, OECD, and more.


Toxicity testing of field collected samples and dredge materials to gauge sediment contamination is an important tool for site assessment and remediation. NEB offers whole sediment, solid-phase testing as well as suspended phase and dredge materials testing for freshwater and saltwater species.


Toxicity testing of contaminated soils is an important tool used by ecological risk assessors, and provides valuable data for proving the efficacy of soil remediation efforts.