High School Interns: Real Value for Employers

Right now, hundreds of students in Hartford-area public high schools are enrolled in work-based learning classes in preparation for a summer internship.

As a result, when these students report for their internships, they are equipped with the employability skills you require — and they are ready to deliver!


Your colleagues make the case for hosting summer interns. This video, High School Interns: Real Value for Employers, features remarks from Travelers, RSL Fiber Systems, New England Bioassay, and Pratt & Whitney.

Example: Yes, we would have hosted an intern earlier if I had known about the program sooner! I wish I had known about it. We probably would have been doing this for a long time! — Kimberly Wills, Lab Director/CEO, New England Bioassay

Intern performance will impress your entire team and translate into high-quality work product.

Your Intern Will Report With: 

  • “Employability” skills including time management, team commitment, communication, work ethic, and positive attitude
  • Training in technology applications and automation
  • Financial literacy
  • Business-oriented writing skills
  • Proof of age and U.S. citizenship/residency

Your Commitment Includes: 

  • A STEM-related work project (120 hours)
  • A supervisor willing to supervise the work and mentor the intern (note: great chance to begin grooming emerging young leaders!)
  • Exposure to opportunities in your industry
  • A workspace for him/her